Friday, January 3, 2014

Hunting while keeping warm

One morning I walked into the piano room looking for the dogs to take them out for a walk. Spirit was lying on his bed as he is in the photo above. Christopher was nearby in his cozy bed under the piano...There is seldom any sign of Eleai unless she's in a social mood. But Bliss - where was he?

I walked around the piano, further into the room. There lay Bliss on the cedar chest (now covered with a blanket to protect the ancient leather).

Looking up at me he seemed to say "What?" somewhat annoyed that I'd interrupted a good dream perhaps?

Then he sat up and looked out the window - "Just checking, Mum." Silly dog - I can only assume that he got tired of standing with his front legs on the chest (something he began to do when it was cold enough for me to keep the outer doors shut.) And stepped up onto the chest. Then instead of getting down, he sits up takes a peek, lies down if nothing is out there but boring birds, and after a while repeats the process...The five or six black squirrels are the objects of his intense inspection.

Our pets can teach us to learn something new every day just as well as people can I suppose. But they do make me laugh every day,which I figure is pretty wonderful. Hope you have lots of laughter in your day today - sort of makes up for the cold we're experiencing here in Ontario!

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