Monday, November 4, 2013

Foxes in Elliott Lake

A wonderful friend who loves nature as I do, has recently moved to Elliott Lake with his partner. She also loves the walks but is not to keen on the bears apparently - at least not being close. However, when it comes to foxes she feels quite differently and here's why... some images from Mike - a splendid photographer.

These fox kits are progeny of a fox that has appeared in this blog before. Mike calls her Old One Eye. Today with the sun shining, and a hard frost closing up my fish pond, I thought these pictures of fox kits in the fall would be such a pleasure for any nature lover to enjoy. Thanks Mike for letting me share.
I love this shot - the rock, pines and the colours. The intensity of this young fox's gaze is fun to see

Another one watching closely.

And then a snooze.

Hiding or getting ready for a nap?

A wonderful series of photos from a true nature lover - and great photographer as I've said. Thanks again Mike... and to all of you - hope you enjoyed these as much as I do.


  1. These foxes are so cute! Beautiful photos, Mike and thanks for sharing them Barbara!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Charlotte - I agree they're awfully cute - love the way they watch what's going on. I'll let Mike know you appreciate his photography... he's pretty amazing and a real nature lover. He was the one when we both lived near Georgian Bay who discovered a Bald Eagle's nest in a place one had never before been recorded...