Sunday, February 3, 2013

Spring Thaw

So last week for about 48 hours, we had a very warm spell, breaking all kinds of temperature records. The dogs and I went out into a field to get a change of scenery. And because I didn't need my snow shoes or skiis, but rubber boots instead it seemed like a fun thing to do - go exploring.

Bliss hunts in the tree-lined windbreak for what? bunnies, mice, just good smells?
Spirit follows the trail of some creature - likely a squirrel, a bit behind us in the same field -separating rock and tree-line. But it's mushy snow, that by evening was very scarce with the temperatures in the low teens - something like 55-60 F. That night it poured rain. No snow anywhere the next day and so I jumped in the car to make a trip that I hate making on snowy roads. We went to Collingwood, the town east of us.
We drove out to the tip of the harbour, now a park formerly part of Canada Steamship Lines huge construction plant for the "lakers" - those enormously long boats that can span two of the huge waves that occur on the Great Lakes. The grain terminal is behind us. Across the harbour and the inlet you can see the ski hills of Blue Mountains, Craigleith and Alpine ski clubs - very little snow along the edge of the inlet, or anywhere else - only on the ski hills.
I blame it on climate change. Each of us will, I hope, do our part to reduce carbon emissions and make sensible steps towards encouraging governments to switch to green energies, green manufacturing and green lifestyles instead of supporting big oil, big pharma and all the other monied interests that have a stranglehold on governments around the world. It's not only here in North America - it's everywhere. The human species - our grandchildren or our children's grandchildren won't survive or won't have much of a world to live in, if we don't.

And the day after the rains? We had a flash freeze and the temperatures dropped well below freezing. Winter again. But that's normal. Hope you get to enjoy the winter outdoors or the summer if you're in a southern hemisphere country - and aren't plagued by strange weather patterns, horrendous fires or tornadoes, deluges and other things I've learned that Mother Nature is throwing our way. This planet can be SO beautiful!


  1. The rapid swings from cold to warm this winter have been unbelievable. Although the warm spells have been short, this sew saw weather pattern is very frustrating. Much of our snow is melted, leaving only a frozen cover, perhaps 5-6 inches deep. It does make for easy travel, I can walk on top of the snow, although it is wicked slippery on steep hillsides. Enjoyed this post!