Monday, February 4, 2013

False spring

A few days ago we had a huge thaw and the snow disappeared with the night-long rain. This shot taken at the park created at the end of the isthmus seems spring like. This little piece of green was constructed north of the defunct grain elevators in Collingwood, when it was no longer a terminal for shipping throughout the Great Lakes and via train to Toronto.

The weather was mild - a double digit delight for those who'd gone out to the end to walk dogs or just have a picnic lunch while watching the waves and still snow-covered ski hills in the distance.

Looking along the shoreline to Wasaga Beach - there are vestiges of ice build-up in the protection of the little point jutting into the lake. It even looks as if the Beach is a white line of snow and ice in the far distance, reflected in a white lined sky along the ridge that runs up to Midland and Penetang.
Looking at the stormy sky and dark grey water to the north, I realize the false spring isn't going to last more than a day and head for home comforted that I got the chores accomplished I needed to in Collingwood, and would be safe and warm in my wee church on the side of the Beaver Valley when the snows came. And they did - a flash freeze that night.

But we're now in Feburary - and some of the rodents who are prognosticators say early spring - so March? Can we see signs of spring in March? Wanna bet? I wouldn't, not with Mother Nature in charge.

Have a super day whatever the weather...we might as well enjoy each precious moment - it's all we really have.

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