Friday, January 11, 2013

The scent of spring

This has been a grey and rainy day, and somehow conducive to dreaming, reading and other very inactive pursuits. As I've been sitting here reading a bit on the computer and trying to figure out (not too hard mind you), what I could write about on my blog, I'd begun to notice a lovely heady scent.

Since it's way above zero celsius, I have the door open. What was wafting in from the dampness outside? Certainly not flowers!

And then I turn to a pot on my desk.

The narcissus are blooming! I asked for some for Christmas and Santa was very kind. Four fat bulbs and their potting medium and a pot as well were stuffed into my stocking. I planted them a few days later and here we are, hardly two weeks past Christmas, and they're already blooming.

When they sprouted a week or so ago I moved them from the kitchen window to my desk where I'd be able to see and smell them. Yesterday there was only one bloom that looked like it might open. Suddenly all but two are in bloom and smelling like a bit of spring in my "studio."

So I took them to the front hall and put them on the floor to take a photograph. And along came Eleia - ever curious and totally bored with rain, snow, cold and being inside. Aha - something new to investigate.

I wish I could share the heavenly scent. But a photo will have to do.
There's that little head in the corner - come to check things out.
Head buried in the pot - you'd think she was smelling the flowers, silly cat. But it was one of those awwww moments. I hope you get to enjoy something equally beautiful today. Sort of makes my heart sing!


  1. Our "paper whites" a type of narcissus bloomed last week. The scent is heavenly and confuses me. I'm supposed to be enjoying winter, and I am, but the smell makes me long for spring!

  2. With the warm weather outside the past few days, I agree Bill - longing for spring is in my bones as well... but it will snow again soon and this brings us a wee break...mine are paper whites as well. The scent just fills the wee church... but soon I'll be out with skiis or snow shoes and you'll be searching for more bait to go fishing in a huge storm. Love that you do that... thanks for stopping by.