Sunday, January 13, 2013

January thaw

The fish that would normally be in semi-hibernation are swimming around in the pond. The two feet of snowdrifts that covered the pond, the garden and much of the pasture and surrounding fields four days ago, is running into the Beaver River.

Walking the dogs this morning after the rain I saw a snail on the pathway. Thinking that it was an empty shell with the molusc inside eaten by moles, I turned it over. I was completely surprised to see it quickly pull its "foot" back into the shell. On our return back to the house, I saw it had travelled about five or six inches along the pathway. Goodness, not only alive but out getting breakfast - a spring undertaking surely.

The grass is almost flourescent green. The lilac buds are fat and similarly green.

Four days is all it took to melt all away with temperatures well above zero Celsius - reaching as high as 12 yesterday.

Not healthy I'm thinking.

Partly induced by climate change - all this untimely weather - it makes me worry about what's next. We certainly lost our apple crop because of unseasonable frost after an early spring last year. What will this year bring? Do others wonder too? Do they care?

I love winter, snow, cold and all the wonderful things to do outdoors. The dogs love it. The cats not so much. But a winter with snowy mornings, frosty windows, warm chuckling fires in the wood stove -all to be enjoyed.

This wet fake spring, brief though it will be, is not good. I want to rant about climate change. About how humans don't pay attention. That we're a dreadful species, uncaring as a whole, though there are individuals and small groups that are more attentive to what's happening with our climate. But today I won't rant more than this. I'll show you the photos instead of what I see when I stand on my deck and look at the landscape. You may want to share them to remind others about what we're doing to this planet. It's peculiar.
Yes the drops of rain are strung like glistening beads along tiny tree branches. Beautiful. The mists that hide the other side of the valley are beautiful as well. But this belongs to spring with returning birds, buds waxing on the tiny branches, sprouting plants and grasses. Not mid-January. For today that's my rant.

Whatever the weather, wherever you are - may you enjoy it as I did finding that tiny snail. There is beauty everywhere if we pay attention. We are blessed even in our destructiveness.


  1. You are absolutely right, without a real, extended winter our whole ecological setting will change. Will it be pretty? The answer is an undeniable NO! Major changes in ecological plant communities will produce periods of "desert", long times of dying plants and changing ecosystems. Will this effect us? Hell, yes. We all need to pay attention to the violent storms and droughts impacting our continent! This will impact our economy greatly, lack of food being the most obvious result. Scary stuff! Thanks for bringing this up. I can't think of a more important topic!

    1. As an ecologist Bill you know better than most the devastating effects climate change has.

      I'm planning on creating a huge veggie garden - and even thinking about how to "hot house" some things like salad greens, tomatoes and squashes for winter... would squash vines easily replace some of my indoor plants do you think?

      Seriously, we need to stay on top of this agenda and keep reminding people once in a while in our respective blogs don't you think? A continual rant turns people off, but every once in a while - well we just need to keep on nudging. If even two people change their ways, and they get two more - AHA - we can do it.

      As always - thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your confirmation of my blog of yesterday and the importance climate change will have on us.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by Patrycja - what a beautiful photograph you have on your facebook page. I will certainly follow your work. So nice of you to find me and leave such a nice comment. Thank you.