Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy new year everyone

Somehow the little birds - seen here a flock of American goldfinches that either live in the trees and shrubs surrounding the property, or nearby - always remind me of the beauty of winter and the joy of a new year.

They are so cheerful, so enthusiastic, they seem to love life and each other. I know that love in our language isn't likely the same for birds, but they seem to enjoy being together... all the same family so to speak.

So it seems appropriate to have little birds as symbols of a new year for me. I enjoy their company, their antics and their cheerful chatter every day.

Another bird that makes me smile is the woodpecker - there seem to be a lot around here, knocking on the wooden sides of the church, creating holes I'll need to fill come spring, and letting me know they're around. This one is busy stuffing a seed into a hole it will remember to find later in the winter if I forget to put seeds out for it. Some days I wish my memory was as good as this small bird's. And then I chuckle.

The little video below is about a minute and a half of what a morning is often like here in Union church - full of birds song, sometimes a passing car and most often, just the sheer exuberance of tiny birds having breakfast. their conversation is charming, at least I think so.
I hope you enjoy it, even if you only watch a few seconds. And I hope that the new year brings you the simplicity, the absolute joy of having a wonderful meal and the freedom to come and go that these birds have. Not all of us have this in this topsy turvy world. But we can wish for peace and joy round the world and for happiness for all - I wish you all those. May the coming year bring you the best of everything you wish for in your lives. Thank you for reading my blog, for your comments and your interest. A writer couldn't ask for more. Happy new year all. May 2013 be the best ever.


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    1. Thank you Steve - and to you as well - I hope you have a wonderful year ahead - you've become quite the traveller - perhaps you'll come up to Canada from Arkansas and photograph our wildlife. We'd love that.

  2. A beautiful and joyous post! May this year be your best Barbara!

    1. Thank you Bill - so appreciate you stopping by - and your good wishes as well... I believe it's going to be a pretty amazing year for many of us... you and Steve for two - and hopefully me as well...