Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fun in the snow

We started out dark and early, filling the feeders. I made the dogs sit and pose for their portrait in the snow. They weren't too impressed because they hadn't had breakfast yet.

They were in and out and finally around 11 or so we went for the first of what turned out to be several walks that morning and late into the afternoon.

Bliss is always checking the snow along side the pathways that we've tramped down. Occasionally plunging his head into it snuffling around and moving snow ahead of him as he snorts after a mouse or mole running under the snow.

Spirit gets into the game and checks out another spot. The two continue like this for most of this walk, running along the pathways or stalking something unseen that's bolting along its own paths under the snow.

Then we get into the games - rough and tumble, chase and tackle with Spirit usually on the receiving end of Bliss's rough housing. But he gives as good as he gets and after this shot, I wished I had the video mode of the camera set up. He took off like a shot and ran half way around the pasture, Bliss watching, wondering when he would head back his way. Spirit often does this though he hasn't in a couple of months - he tucks his bottom under, tail down and runs like a broken field runner heading for the goal line. What a performance.

Of course as soon as he heads back to Bliss he's tackled again, and off they go once more. This particular day they were determined to be outside for much longer than I'd planned. I had work to finish, but it was not to be. As soon as I was completely out of my boots, jacket, mitts and hat, Bliss had his Christmas monkey  in his mouth - it's a stuffed toy with ropes for arms and legs - great for chewing and playing pull. He stood at the door woofing around the toy. So I pulled on boots and jacket and out we went. I threw it, he grabbed it and took off like a shot, followed by Spirit who stopped at strategic spot and watched his brother go in a circle around a garden until he got close - then the tackle and pull began.

Having no hat, mitts or warm snow pants, I soon lost my enthusiasm for this game, even though it made me laugh like a crazy woman. I'm sure anyone driving by with their window open must have wondered at the loud cackle coming from beside my home.

We went in after about ten minutes. Then Bliss picked up the toy and wanted to go out again, even though it was matted with snow and soaking wet. We went.

I thought things were settled and sat down at the computer, when Spirit picked up HIS monkey and went to the door - we went out again. I threw the creature, Spirit got it - Bliss was not allowed - I don't understand what sort of tacit agreement they have but this time Bliss was not going to play with Spirit's toy no matter what. We came in after a bit, and the whole thing repeated once again after about three or four minutes.

I tried to get them to quit, I really did. The crying and carrying on from Spirit for the better part of an hour or more, was just too much. He wouldn't stop. I left him outside. He just stood with a toy in his mouth, waiting for me to come and play... finally I gave up and got dressed and out we went again...

I've never walked quite so much in an afternoon, in deep snow, once or twice with snow shoes on, sometimes just boots, but I also haven't laughed this hard for such a prolonged period either. They were completely silly and hilarious in their antics - I feel blessed to have such amusing companions, but sometimes they get to be a bit much. However I did get some exercise and some fresh air in the sun. And the dogs? They finally started for the warmth and comfort of their beds - still checking things out, but just a bit less restless, for now anyway. It was an interesting end to the afternoon - and now? time to go out for the before supper walk. This day doesn't seem to want to end!

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