Thursday, November 1, 2012

On the move

Yesterday I had to go to town. It's been raining for several days and we received a huge dump of hail as well during Hurricane Sandy. Water water everywhere! If you look closely at this photo on the left side midway in the river you'll see a stretch of green - that is where the river bank was a couple of weeks ago. The river two weeks or more ago had been down by at least a foot and a half.

What drew my attention was the huge flock of Canada Geese. This is a staging area for geese and many water birds.  There are usually a few geese and ducks around, but yesterday there were a lot more. I had to turn around and stop to get this group of video and photos... enjoy!
I was fascinated with the geese, with the rising water, with the changes that a huge storm can make- its effects even at its fringes.
Doesn't it feel wet, cold, but busy and full of life?

So different from recent images of the Atlantic east coast, which are evidence of Nature's strength. May those who have lost so much in this past few days caused by this enormous storm, be helped in all the ways they need. May those scenes of destruction become scenes like these instead - very soon: life continuing despite all.

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