Saturday, November 3, 2012

First snowfall of the season

Dark and early - I look out to the deck and it's white. I grab my camera as the dogs come back in. Snow flakes seem like bright Christmas ornaments caught in the flash from the camera.
Spirit comes back into the house - you can see cat tracks as well and spots where an ambitious squirrel has already been out looking for fallen seeds, scratching up the snow. Spirit loves eating snow. Both dogs love the snow, to eat, to roll in, to get their blood moving faster so they can leap and run and enjoy themselves so much more than they do in hot summer.

Snow is something we all enjoy - except perhaps the cats who tippy-toe through the wet - scurry out to the drive shed, their current favourite spot to use for their ablutions as opposed to a litter box or spots I've turned over in the garden - and then race each other back inside. They sit at the deck doors or in the window wells watching the birds outside. The birds are hungry and will be arriving soon. The cats will sit and stare.

These fragile grasses won't last long if the temperatures remain - but covered in snow they're quite pretty. Snow sticks to tree limbs, bushes, shrubs, remains of flower stalks and creates beautiful patterns. I'm loving it!
Eleia on the other hand hides under the rug I've placed in front of the fire for pussycats to laze on if they choose. She'd rather use it as a place from which to leap on Christopher or harass the dogs. Always wanting  to be busy, this funny cat will find lots of ways to amuse herself inside, now that her paws will get wet outside hiding in bushes or under shrubs and trees. She amuses me as well - and will all winter. Hope you are warm and safe and enjoying your weekend.


  1. I think many people share the arrival of snow like your beautiful cat. However, there are those like me that revel in the snow. The deeper the better (until it gets to five feet or so).

  2. Me too - so love the snow - the deeper the better - of course I am ploughed out and get around on snow shoes or skiis, so I guess it's pretty civilized here... I thought of you when I took these photos and figured you'd like to see one of your favourite times of year coming so soon Bill. Thanks for stopping by. And I agree that most people think like Eleia - eeewwwwww! But she still goes out!