Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Looking around the valley

Yesterday I didn't drive directly to and from town as I usually do, but took a side trip - as I came over a hill I caught sight of Beaver Valley looking south. It is an unusual point of view - you can see how the valley turns to the east and narrows, and how the colour has begun, even though it's a hazy day with rain threatening. I was struck by this particular view of the valley - not one I see often. The yellows of the ash and elm along a farm hedgerow create a frame for the distant hills on each side of the valley with its tree-lined river winding through.

Looking across the wider valley - I spot my property - if you see the two silos near the left, then the red rooves to the right of the silos and then a small silver A-frame roof - that is the drive shed. Once again, I haven't seen it from this side of the valley and this particular spot in a while. The beginnings of colour along the river is encouraging. We thought it was going to be all brown given the hot dry summer. But up the sides of the valley towards the rocks that hold caves, areas to climb rocks, pathways through protected forests, the colour is beginning to show more deeply. I like this vista. I like the hazy softness as well. I like to think of all the places to visit, hike, walk the dogs, enjoy.

Then I get back in the car and head for
home, but first:

I drive alongside the river to the bridge hidden by the trees that form this tunnel. I lived here before - up the hill to my left instead of across the river on the left. This particular spot has always been an attraction. All kinds of birds, beaver, mink, muskrat and otter frequent the water and the banks. Used to be good fishing as well. Another canoe adventure is definitely in order before the snow flies.

Do you enjoy the countryside around your home? It seems pretty special to me that I have so much beauty to enjoy ever day. But I find it in the towns around as well. It's a matter of perspective - don't you think? Hope you enjoyed this brief sojourn in Beaver Valley.


  1. Nice to get to know your area. The tunnel is like something you'd see in a movie! Beautiful scenery and a wonderful place to live!

    1. Thanks Bill - often it's your photos of your area that inspires me to take pictures instead of just keep on driving. Appreciate your stopping by!