Sunday, September 16, 2012

What will happen to the horses?

This field has ten foals - five of them not yet weaned from their mothers. They are part of the small herd of standard-bred horses that are bred and raised by the fellow who owns and operates this small outfit. He was a vet I've heard, many years ago for one of the largest breeding and standard bred racing outfits in Ontario.

The animals here are sleek, well-cared for and obviously loved.

What will happen to them I wonder when the Ontario government makes the changes to the horse-racing industry in the province by eliminating slot machines from race tracks and thus some of the revenue that goes to breeders, vets, farmers that raise the hay and other crops for horse feed and municipalities who also share in some of the profits from the slots? Not that I approve of slot machines. But the industry has grown in Ontario, it seems to me, largely because of the location of these gambling machines being placed at race tracks. It will take more research for more informed comment from me on this issue...I just know how much I enjoy seeing the young foals on the grass with their mums. Horses are and have been throughout much of humankind's history, companion animals that work with and for us.

But I just love them for whatever reason and always stop if I have time to watch them when I pass by. Yesterday I took my camera with me, not intending to go by this particular farm, but when I did - what fun.

The two youngsters below were curious about me when I got to the fence, but way too hungry to come close to be petted. The one on the left kept it's eyes on me, watching as it ripped out grass, not raising its head much, listening to my conversation with her and her buddy. Nice 20 minutes or so spent enjoying these babies.

So one day I'll do some research and tell you what the results are of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission's decision - it was a pretty abrupt one, based theoretically the politicians claim, on getting Ontario's debt under control.... hmmm. I believe in debt control, elimination even. But...well as I said another day another story.

Meantime don't you like the photos of these youngsters? Wonder if there's a winner among them? Or a horse that someday a child would ride and feel like he or she was riding on the wind?

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  1. Beautiful horse babies, indeed. The racing industry is such a complex and sadly corrupt field. The NY Times has been running shocking exposes of about the American industry. I wonder if it different in Canada. Lots of over-medication of horses, leading to unnecessary breakdowns. Keep us posted on what you find out, but also on the growth of these lovely foals.