Saturday, September 15, 2012

A rainy day

Yesterday morning the day started with clouds of fog blocking the view across the valley, then the rain rolled in and it gently poured onto the area for most of the day. Much needed. The ground as I've said before,  has been like concrete and hard to do any kind of fall preparation. Leaves haven't fallen either, too soon for that and heavy mulching. The nights are cool and feel damp.

But it ended beautifully - the sun came out around 5 p.m. I got into the pond to clean off the pump and empty the filter and get rid of blue algae that is doing its best to clog the pump and filter arteries to say nothing of making it difficult for the fish. Mind you, the water was cold and so I wore my rubber boots, no bare feet and shorts yesterday.

However the setting sun, turned the world to rosy colours - making me stop and catch my breath. Standing to stare as I walked the dogs around the pasture, the clouds were awash with gold and pink, it was quiet, the cattle feeding soundlessly, the occasional call from a bird, but mostly the sun just sank below the horizon without a great deal of fanfare.

And then someone dropped by looking for a late evening snack.

Keeping an eye on me hiding behind the door to try and get a photo, this young female rose breasted gros beak ate several black oil sunflower seeds before flying off towards a nest or a branch for the night.

I've often left this tube feeder out late because of late night snackers - and marvel at the regularity of the birds feeding habits - actually at all animal feeding habits.

The cows come into the pasture across the way in the evening, move to the end, then wander back and down into the valley again through the night, tearing at the grass, the calves bumping heads and frolicking. It happens all summer and fall while they're on the grass.

The sparrows and finches arrive around 9:30 in the morning, the jays shortly after, and then again for a late lunch. It's fascinating how they adjust their internal schedules to the failing light as we get closer to Equinox and fall.

All in order in Nature. Gives me a peaceful feeling.

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