Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More signs of fall - its quiet beauty, not fully aflame yet

Yesterday evening I took the dogs for a meander - I was tired and didn't care to walk far so we wandered the pasture, but a niggle made me take my camera with me. The starlings were gathering at the north end of the property. I could hear the chuckles and gossip as they moved in small to large flocks from tree to my neighbours' lawn, across the road to the farm pasture where the cows were peacefully grazing. Not one of the cows raised their head or took any notice. I thought about what is to come.

The golden glow of the setting sun adds soft colour to the phlox and goldenrod against the drive shed wall.
More colour lit by the last rays of the sun, and then...

it quickly ended as the fireball slipped below the hill across the valley, leaving an apricot sky. Tired, yes I was very tired, but somehow at peace with all the beauty around me.

I sometimes wonder if others find sunsets as peaceful, or are they energizing, signalling party after dark as the crickets and night creatures begin to sing and take over?


  1. The shorter days and the pungent smell of goldenrod in the air tells me that Autumn is just around the corner. The leaves are starting to turn colors in wetter areas. I'm always sad to see summer go even though I love fall and winter. It is a genuine paradox.

  2. It may be a paradox to you, but it means you are also a true northern spirit. I too love fall and winter, but wait eagerly for spring and summer for each of the changes Mother Nature bestows on us. Wonderful stuff, each day is different and aren't we blessed Bill?