Monday, September 3, 2012

One of my buddies - how pets touch our lives

Today as a tribute to my wonderful black cat - it seems fitting to post his photo - doing what he loves to do - lie in the sun and watch. In this photo he's watching a chipmunk that is standing on that little brick "chimney" munching on a sunflower seed and trying to decide whether it will dare the feeder beside the deck again.

Christopher is the true guardian of the property. He is a "rescue" arriving at this property when he was nine months old, skinny, starving, in early winter, weighing only five pounds and according to the vet, on the verge of dying.

He's the one that's been with me longest, sleeps on my bed when I won't let him outside or just because it's cold or wet and he wants to be comfy, and gets into fights with feral cats to protect his little "sister" Eleia. He is now recovering from a mess made of his face by same feral cat...a nasty bite that got badly infected.

But true to his warm and laid back personality (except for invading feral cats) - this boy didn't freak out in the cat cage when we went to the vet. He allowed the vet to shave his face without flinching and continues to lie in the sun, greeting me when I come back home after venturing to shop or leave the property for any reason. He arrives near the door from wherever he is, purring, tail curling slightly at its tip as if to say "Well you've been gone a long time."

He used to follow me on walks with other dogs, but the two that own us all right now - Bliss and Spirit - figure that if he goes into the pasture with them, it's fair to chase him in a wonderful game. Bliss once ran right past him he was so enthusiastic about the fun. It's the chase, not catching. And so Christopher stays on a rock or a rail watching us and greeting us on our return.

So here's to Christopher, loving black cat - and to all loving pets everywhere. They fill our lives with so much  - pleasure, interest, joy, laughter, frustration, work and again pleasure. Pets can help heal us - it's now proven. And a reminder to you all - I support a group called - if you want a pet, please adopt one from a shelter near you, or a pound where they will be killed if they are not collected by their owners within 72 hours...or if you don't want a pet, can't afford one, aren't enthusiastic about all the issues around being owned by a pet, please consider making a donation to the shelter nearest you. Thanks for bearing with me in this.
Now off my "hobby-horse" - here's to all of you - from me, on this beautiful labour day - thank you for stopping by. Thank you for your interest, your support, your friendship whether in person or virtual. All deeply appreciated. What started as a blog about pets three years ago, has become something much more... but underlying it is my love for animals and nature. Thanks for giving me a space to  talk about it all.
Fall sunrise - such a soft and lovely start to a day - cool and beautiful.

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