Monday, September 24, 2012

Early in the morning in the garden

In trying to return to daily posting, I realized this morning I had no new photographs and no idea what to write this morning. So I took my camera and wandered out into the garden. The sun was just over the hill on the east side and was casting beautiful shadows. Sunbeams caught brilliant colour in some spots flickering through tree branches and plant stems. I catch sight of the tomatoes.

The drops of rain from early morning showers glisten on the small cherry tomatoes both red and yellow. One larger tomato, trying to ripen before the frost arrives (which this morning didn't feel far away) appears to be bathed in gleaming moisture - I wonder if there will be enough warmth in the next few days to ripen it and others more green.

Some more - beafsteak I think. They make my mouth water, even though they're not ripe yet.  I'll have some for breakfast I think, knowing there are about half a dozen waiting on the kitchen counter. With fresh free range eggs,and maybe chives from another section of the garden.

The chill on my feet and in the air makes me turn around and look at everything. Much work to do to clean up the garden before winter. But since it's just the beginning of fall and the colour in the forest along the river is hardly started, I'll have time if I do a bit every day.

The wonder of this bounty from tiny seeds never ceases to make me feel very grateful.

The sky in the west has a gathering of clouds, some dark and threatening, some white and towering into the sky. More rain I wonder? It's rained off and on for several days - and the grass continues to need mowing. I have to laugh as I think about that, it's one of my least favourite activities.

And so I turn to the cosmos and volunteer sunflowers which blaze like headlights in the rising sun.

Breathing in the cool air, taking in the flowers, the birds waiting for me to leave so they can have breakfast, the dogs sniffing around in the grass, checking out last night's visitors, I realize how truly fortunate I am to live in this beautiful spot.

Once again I vow I'll have a small veggie garden next year.

And come inside to write.  My mind teams with ideas, colour, the feel of the breeze on my cheeks, the dampness on my feet. A pretty wonderful way to start the day I figure - lucky me. How about you? Hope your day started well and continues to bring you satisfaction and even joy.


  1. Wonderful post, Barbara, I love the Cosmos!

  2. Thank you - I'm collecting Cosmos seeds to make sure I have more next year! Thanks for stopping by Prairie Birder - I hope people follow your link and visit your remarkable blog as well.