Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall, equinox and harvest

In the nearby town and along highways and back roads everywhere in Ontario (probably across Canada and much of the US as well), fall and the harvest are celebrated. Roadside stands such as this one, are filled with local produce, local baking, jams, jellies, flowers, pickles and more, much more. They are filled with people wishing to share - yes it's their livelihood but what a wonderful way to make a living - sharing the food you produce through your own labour and that of your friends, colleagues and family.

This weekend we experience the autumnal equinox, the balancing of night and day, equal amounts of light as we move towards the long nights, the time of rest to allow for regeneration and renewal of the land for the next year of growing our food. In this northern hemisphere its winter's blankets we expect. In the southern hemisphere it was the vernal equinox and the advance of growth and heat and light. A balance in the world, in nature that sometimes for the human species alone is hard to manage. We haven't as humankind has progressed been able to achieve or maintain balance, it seems to me.

However, there is always hope, always wonder for those who love to look around at nature and try to emulate the natural order of things. It's in the striving I suspect that one gains balance.

And the other morning, once again - just as the sun rose over the hill we call a mountain here in Central Ontario - a special omen. For me at least, this is a sign of hope, of togetherness and of joy. May each of you have a balanced day filled with hope that your dreams will come true.

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