Friday, April 27, 2012

The lunch bunch

There is always a variety of little birds that visit my deck feeder. It is the most accessible for the little ones, though jays, redwings, woodpeckers and grackles also grab seeds that fall to the ground or the deck. Occasionally they try to balance on the feeder which is like watching a clown on a tightrope...awkward - I often laugh as they use their wings like the clown's umbrella for balance.

Here some male goldfinches in full breeding plumage, a youngster who is still molting, and two male house finches with their brilliant red vests and heads, get together for lunch.

There are three periods when the deck is busy with flickering wings, lovely noises - especially the "sweet sweet sweet" of the gold finch and the burble from the house finches.

Chickadees appear to have moved on now, though I sometimes see them.

The sparrows - all of them: house, American tree, white throat and white crowned prefer different feeders, and actually don't often seem to be at the feeders very often. They wander around underneath, but with the warmer weather (sometimes warmer weather), bugs and worms are more readily available.

There are many other birds that stop by occasionally but not to the deck very often. And so I've taken to calling this group of colourful little creatures The Lunch Bunch or the Line-up as they often gather along the railing where I also spread seed.
Apparently I am now out of space on this blog for photos - and so I am going to spend some time thinking about how I want to blog from now on. You may find me on or just on Facebook - but as Arnold says "I'll be back!"

Thanks for visiting.


  1. It's nice to see the plumage of the goldfinch brighten up as summer approaches. We have to pull our bird feeders in once April arrives to avoid confrontations with black bears. Too bad, I love seeing the greater variety of birds at the feeder in the summer.

    1. In other parts of cottage country over in Muskoka they also can't feed birds because of bears and those omniverous fishers. I probably won't feed through the summer, but was delighted this morning to find a rose breasted gros beak and half a dozen white crowned sparrows. The Guy with the rosey triangle is a regular visitor, he and his Missus nest in the spruce tree against the drive shed... thanks for dropping by... and blogger was fooling me - apparently I can use all the photos I want... computers!