Thursday, April 26, 2012

Little birds in the snow

On Monday and Tuesday this week we had snow - and all the little birds - the goldfinches in particular come to the feeders and make the most delightful sounds - so turn up your volume and listen to "breakfast on the deck!" It's very short but fun to see and here.

While the snow still remains on the top of the hills around here, it's gone in my garden, but the frequent frosty nights are making a mess of some of the flowers. Fortunately not others and the tulips are still blooming, forget me nots and calendula just starting. It will be an interesting spring.

Please forgive me for not being able to post every day - it's been a busy time, as well I've had a bout of flu  and my internet access has proven spotty at best...

But it's fun to "blog" and your responses are always amazing whether it's saying you like the post on Facebook or sending me an email or adding a comment, or just stopping by - I appreciate it all.

Have a super day! - Rain and cold here but that's standard April in Ontario.

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