Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chow time

Most of this winter the weather has been spring-like.
       Many of my fellow bird watchers in this area have complained that few birds were visiting their feeders. They have been disappointed until recently.
    Two feet of snow over the past couple of weekends even if it disappears during the week, has sent many birds to my feeders at least. Free lunch! The little birds - as I call the finches, sparrows, chickadees and nuthatches that frequent my feeders - wait patiently in the trees for their turns at the feeders, or having already dropped down to get a seed, munch with satisfaction.
And the jays wait for nothing - they just push their way in. There are now at least a dozen that hang about, from six in the summer.
They love the easy access of the feeder and the snow doesn't bother them in the least.
But, they certainly don't like me hanging about or opening doors and take off  in a huff, screaming "thief thief." 
And one lone America tree sparrow ignores the jay's warning and continues to enjoy its meal. Such a treat to see all this type of activity every day.
And the snow ends, the day draws to a close and all seems right in the Valley - hope you have happy times that are right for you in and around your home.


  1. I've been watching the fast moving storms moving east to west and wondering if you were getting pounded. The last two days here have yielded about 15 inches of snow. Better late than never, as they say, and yes, the birds have returned to the feeders, their natural food buried beneath all of that white glory!

  2. What a great post, Barbara, with the pictures of those little birds in the snow. I do worry about the virtually non-existent winter this year, and that having so little snow will mean a super-low water table. Also the lack of a hard freeze down here in NYC will probably mean insects galore, including nasties like mosquitoes. Still, even while feeling uneasy, I'm certainly enjoying the early spring.