Sunday, March 18, 2012

Winter to summer in three weeks!

As the sun began to set and we started out for our late afternoon walk, I looked up at the snow-covered hills across the valley. Everything was blanketed - there were two plus feet to wade through in the pasture at the beginning of March. I hauled out my cross-country skiis, and my snowshoes and had a great time with the dogs who love to bury their heads deep into fluffy white drifts, snuffling out moles and mice scurrying through their little tunnels.

Then the weather grew suddenly mild. March break! Would the kids holidaying from school have enough snow to enjoy?

Sunrise on an early March morning - a beautiful glorious morning. But I was outside in my slippers and dressing gown to take the photo, and not one bit chilly. Oh oh.

I turned around and looked at the garden a few feet from the edge of the road... bits of snow, but more bare spots

And there, poking their noses through winters remains - tiny patches of white crystals - were daffodils. No mistaking those yellow tipped noses.

And this morning, amidst the remains of autumn leaves I'd used to cover this flower bed in front from winter's freeze-up: three crocuses bloom, a mini and two original size as daffodil blossoms swell on long stocked necks. The temperature at 1:30 in the afternoon is a hot 87.8 or 31 C in my driveway that's baking in the sun.

This is not normal. Others though say they remember back in the '70s when we had a winter like this... Summer in the middle of March in central Ontario? Goodness.

So while I'm enjoying the warm weather and the chance to get into my garden, I wonder what the rest of what used to be spring will be like. Temperatures are forecast to be summer-like for the next two weeks. What will happen to local apple farmers if blossoms and bees aren't on the same timetable because of the heat? My two largest silver maple trees are in flower - not unusual for late April early May - but to me it seems at least a month or more early. Is this the result of climate change or just an anomaly?

Nothing I can do I know. Except enjoy it for what it is and make the most of these lovely days. And hope...


  1. Weather oddities like this winter sure to make one wonder. Right now there are more questions than answers, but for the time being, my sense is every thing will be OK. In the long term, I'm really not sure anymore, relative to all things human.

  2. Hello Wild Bill, thanks for stopping by. We're certainly on the same page regarding questions about what's happening everywhere. It seems so extreme everywhere. But since we can only make baby step changes, and those in our own lives towards repairing climate change, we must hope, and also spread the word. Perhaps there is yet a bit of time to make those changes so necessary to preserve or perhaps restore is a better word, the world we once knew.