Friday, January 27, 2012

Early morning breakfast at home

It's snowing, well sort of snowing.  It's way too mild for real snow so it's mixed with rain - a combination that's deadly on the roads. I think I'll stay off them today.

I can't help noticing all the action outside my deck door and windows.

The birds are obviously glad that my feeders are full on all sides of the house.

Mostly goldfinches and their cohorts, house and purple finches. But I've spotted some pine siskins as well as the other regulars, chickadees and white breasted nuthatches, woodpeckers, mourning doves and blue jays.

Birds squabble over perches on a silo hanging feeder, some are more "polite" and wait on the rail.

And then there is  the feeder attached to my weeping birch... more little birds and bigger ones too - the constant flutter is almost audible through the closed window.

The snow continues, but goes back and forth between rain, sleet and actual snow. The birds continue to flock and suddenly disappear, then return in twos and threes, only to flutter away again. Is my friend the sharp-shinned hawk hovering nearby I wonder?

It's a busy morning outside my home this day.

Some time in the future I'll learn how to take a movie with my camera and post it - the activity, the noise of little wings, the continual calling back and forth is completely delightful and I'd love to share it. It reminds me that whatever my worries or concerns, life on this planet outside of human activity, continues at its own pace. Seems to me it's just fine today to become engrossed in all these happenings outside my home and enjoy the gift - abundance in nature.


  1. You convey so well the sense of the little birds' activity with still photos and words. Not that I wouldn't welcome a video! I love the first picture with all the little guys on the ground, and the second with the view beyond to the field.

  2. Thank you Melissa - high praise from a wonderful writer such as yourself. You give everyone New York, I try in return to give readers a view of the countryside. Thanks for stopping by.