Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chasing birds in a different climate

These two beautiful yellow Labrador Retrievers are friends of my two labs. Their names are Chloe and Sarah and they spend the winter in Florida with their people.

They love Florida because they can swim every day if they want. Here they sun themselves on a lounger near the pool waiting to go for a walk, possibly on the golf course.

That is their hope - the golf course, because there are so many different and big birds there. Much different from the ones they see in Ontario where they spend the summers. And these girls love to run and swim.
But in the golf  course pond behind the two storks and the Great blue heron you can just see what looks like a log. It's not - it's an alligator and it looks as if it's trying to sneak up on the birds. This is why the dogs can never go for long runs on the golf course - too many alligators and too much danger for unsuspecting but very beautiful Labrador girls.

It's fun to see green grass and southern birds when there is snow blowing outside my window. And to know that there are places in the world today where it's warm and lovely. I think I'm longing for some sun! But then it's Sunday so that would be appropriate, yes?

Hope you are enjoying your day wherever you are and get some time to relax as Sarah and Chloe obviously are. And thank you to Sarah and Chloe's people for sending these terrific photographs.

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