Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A chilly start to the year

This blue jay is fluffed against the cold as it devours black oil sunflower seeds that I put onto a small dish this morning. It's a bitter morning, with temperatures hovering around minus 12 C but a high wind making it seem much colder.

I've been outside two or three times by 8 o'clock, fetching the bucket in which I put ashes from the wood stove that heats my home, checking to see where the dogs are and what they're barking at (a car stopped on the unploughed road), and sweeping away snow to let me get onto the deck and out to the car.

The little birds - a house finch on the feeder along with a couple of gold finches, and some goldfinches and sparrows at the tray - were among the first to visit just at first daylight. I'm going to have to get more bird seed today. It's so cold the feeders will be emptied in no time and I have only the dregs left in my bin.

As I looked out of the guest bedroom window I saw that the wind was really whipping snow around. We had a heavy snowfall last night and the snow has stuck to the walls of the shed that face south...a north wind. When I walked the dogs at their last outing of the day around 9 they wanted to come right back in which for them is amazing. It had cooled down tremendously and the snow was big fat heavy flakes.

Now it's only fine snow, much of it probably just blowing from what has already fallen. It's going to be cold all day then warm up over night - in the meantime the dogs will get out with me a couple of times, and they'll love it - not so much for me... it's the wind I object to, not the snow or even the cold... the wind can just cut right through the thickest down jackets it seems.

So today I'm thankful for all the wonderful things I have been blessed with instead of moaning (too much) about the wind and look forward to perhaps some sun tomorrow and maybe getting out with skiis or snowshoes.

What about you - what do you do when the weather fails to entice you outside? I'm going into town for a bit then curl up with a book, but first I need to bring in wood for the fire and walk the dogs. Hope you get to enjoy wherever you are and whatever you do when weather isn't great.


  1. We were a few degrees below zero (Farenheit) here last night, but there is still very little snow. Loved the photo of the barn. Classic!

  2. Oh, one more thing. There is NEVER a time when the weather doesn't entice me to go outside. The worse the weather the more there is to enjoy! HA!

  3. Ah you and I are different in going out in bad weather Bill. I do go out because I must, and I often enjoy it regardless, but stinging cold winds are not my favourites... you are hilarious! Thanks for stopping by...and of course after that bitter cold it's up around 0 C today...I can go out and play with dogs in my pajamas... cheerio!