Thursday, January 5, 2012

A change in weather, a change in venue

Someone I correspond with in the Bahamas has a wonderful garden there.

Occasionally she sends me and others in my family some beautiful photographs of the gardens, her family and various sights around her lovely home.

A couple of days ago, she sent this colourful photograph taken with her Iphone if you can believe - of the poinsettias that she has planted with the help of another friend of mine who spends the spring, summer and fall in Toronto and winter in the Bahamas.

These beautiful flowers grow wild around her property. I admit to being somewhat envious of this sizzling colour and the size of the bushes.

So in contrast to the dull grey of the sky today and the sub-zero temps (Celsius of course) that we are experiencing here in Ontario, I thought you too, might enjoy the hot pinky red and the bounty of these islands closer to the equator.

Isn't it amazing that we can share such beauty around the world with the click of a button? Technology as certainly changed our lives. What will you find that is beautiful that you wish to share I wonder?


  1. This is a real pick-me-up. When we lived in Puerto Rico for a year I was amazed at the poinsettias and how large and colorful they were. Nancy

  2. Thanks for stopping by Nancy - what a treat to hear from you. I was wrong about the place where these are - they live in Barbados - but Puerto Rico would be similar - such lovely hot beauty. I'm glad this photo from my friend picked you up!