Sunday, February 27, 2011

Red polls - new visitors

Much to my surprise and delight yesterday, a small group of red polls joined the goldfinches that habituate my feeders - and on the deck it's so much easier to get photographs.

Unfortunately the program on my computer that allows me to at least crop or zoom in on photos isn't working - no big surprise there since technology doesn't love me... so I can't really show you how sweet these birds really are. Lovely burgundy heads on the males and lots of striping on their vests. The goldfinch gang still have lots of subdued colouring, not their bright finery of mating yet... though some have begun to look more like spring is on its way.

In the second photo you can easily see the goldfinch hanging onto the pole that holds the feeder, with a red poll on the feeder and its little burgundy cap quite visible, the second red poll has its back to the camera - camera shy or just busy getting seeds? And I'm not sure what kind of bird is perched on top.

Some of the red polls had lovely rosy vests as well. Welcome little visitors indeed. They are first timers to my feeders.

And this morning I didn't have time to get my camera to capture the murder of crows and ravens flying overhead. (I was letting the dogs out at the time.) I have four ravens with distinctive calls that hang about - and they greeted me on their way northward with about half a dozen crows. I've never seen so many flying together, usually the crows are dive bombing the ravens, but this was an obviously happy group flying together. I just never know what I'm going to see outside my doors. Makes living here such fun.


  1. Thanks Barbara, I'm happy to see someone has red polls at their bird feeders. For some reason we never see them in this part of New England, at least at my house. What are you feeding them?

    And yes, the adventure of what you might see just outside your door does make life worth living, doesn't it?

  2. Hi Bill - I've only been putting out black oil sunflower seeds and suet with seeds in it this year... seems to discourage the starlings. Even the mourning doves will eat these seeds now. When I used mixed seed I had up to 60 mourning doves. But it's mostly finches this year. Perhaps I should check into other seed.

    But for now I'm happy... love your blog by the way - but you know that by now I hope... best wishes. b

  3. I'm using black sunflower seeds as well. No suet though. Must be the luck of the draw. Perhaps someday I'll get some redpolls. We'll have to wait and see.

    Soon it will be time to pull the bird feeders. The bears will be out in full force and as hungry as can be. Close encounters between bears and dogs can be too costly. Although the bears usually just climb up a tree.

    I rally enjoy your blog as well. Thanks.

  4. I don't get any birds around my balcony so again I am living vicariously :) Love the photos and thank you so much for sharing all the gorgeous creatures around you that I don't ever get to enjoy.

    By the way, technology hates me too ;)

  5. Hi to both of you - Bill - it's about those bears - we had a two hundred pound cub shot last spring about two miles from me... now I'll be more careful with the dogs when we're out. And Mindy some people put out feeders on their balconies by I haven't heard of anyone getting much other than pigeons that make a mess... so if you can get by enjoying my photos and the ones of so many brilliant photographers who take bird pics - then you go girl! If I ever have to move that would be what I would miss I think - the birds. Well, the birds, the horses, the dogs, cats, outdoor walks, and.... I know you get the picture LOL