Thursday, November 3, 2011

Growing in surprising ways

On a recent walk in the woodland that the dogs and i frequent, I took a new path and came upon this tree or set of trees - it looks as if three or four seeds landed very close together and grew together.

The trees are very tall, and I found it astounding that they grew up in the first place. The as I looked up and examined the way the trunks turn, it reminded me of a family growing up.

It's easy to see how the tree trunks have begun to separate... though the two in the Centre stay joined for much longer.
And so I gaze at the fluttering yellow leaves of these majestic American elms. They've separated but are still joined at the base.

This is such an unusual sight that it made me think for the rest of my walk. It's become a bit of a land mark that I want to check out when I pass near, or walk right by. I've now marked a path so that I can go and see these trees easily if I care to.

Interesting what grabs our attention and creates an impression isn't it? I think about this, and recognize some sort of emotional response in myself to trees in general. I have planted and transplanted several on this property and mourn their loss if one dies or needs to be cut down. There are 25 different kinds of trees on this property - amazing! Many here for years, some brand new since I brought them in. I am blessed indeed to have so many of these lovely pieces of nature surrounding me and my home.

What do you find interesting and creating an impression I wonder?

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  1. Trees that grow in cluster patterns are often, but not always, the result of a previous larger tree that was cut down of severely injured. Coppice growth arises from the stump, and rarely these trees all survive in a neat cluster. By the time they become mature the stump is long since gone.

    Beautiful, in any case. Great observation!