Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Frosty morning

There are about six blue jays who visit my deck railing each morning - at least when the weather isn't blowing or snowing or pouring down rain. They come to stuff their gullets with seeds then make off to some tree, nook or cranny to hide their treasure. I always wonder whether they'll find them when they need them?

But blue jays are smart birds, cheeky, loud and boisterous. They are the ones who let me know if I've forgotten to put seeds out or that they've eaten them all and would I please replenish the tray?

They are also the ones who alert the rest of the bird world to the presence of hawks. A Cooper's and a sharp-shinned hawk both patrol the feeders with regularity. Sometimes a huge redtail will buzz through like a huge Stealth Bomber compared to the size of the other marauders. But this year the number of hawks appears to have dwindled. And this morning the frost is very heavy so the birds will be plentiful all day.

The ice on the pond is thick except for where the bubbler is keeping a hole open. The fish gather underneath the  little air distribution cube, to obtain the necessary oxygen I suppose. They are terribly slow moving now and often appear to be asleep, going into a state of hibernation when the snow gets deep and covers the pond. But even then the bubbler continues to make a hole for gases to escape. Today  I must fill the pond again and remove the plants to a spot by the composter to be covered with leaves.

Here are some other pretty patterns created by Nature's frosty paintbrush this morning:
Have a glorious day!

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