Monday, November 21, 2011

First snowfall

The sun rises in the south now, across the road instead of just up the other side of the field to the east of my home. A couple of weeks ago, I woke to this scene - a god-ray shooting up to the heavens and apricot tinted clouds dusting the horizon.

When the sun was a touch higher the green and brown leaves clinging to a few trees created a startling contrast to the browns, blacks and whites of the surrounding countryside.

The snow has obviously more than dusted the opposite side of the valley, it looks as if all the trees are heavily coated with great dollops of ice cream flung across the landscape, or maybe it's icing, covering the forests and fields.

Of course by the end of the day, the temperature rose and our white blanket had melted into the ground, adding to the necessary moisture our trees and plants need to get a head start on spring - and if you think I'm optimistic thinking ahead, yes I am. November and December are the toughest months for me as the light gets more and more brief and I think about the garden and spring rather than the persistent grey and brown of late fall. But I will say that this past month has been exceptional, mild, sunny and generally so pleasant.

And of course it wouldn't be this blog without a photo of at least one of the pets this was written for. Bliss (pictured here) and Spirit absolutely love the colder weather, racing out first thing in the morning to check on who or what has visited during the night. They have begun grabbing toys after breakfast and going to the door, then playing wrestlemania, tag or tug of war, sometimes all at the same time it seems. While I'm laughing, I also realize I'm going to have to begin getting dressed earlier to enjoy these early morning Olympics with them. They seem to prefer to have an audience, even if it's just  me.

We had six inches of snow more recently and it too lasted only a couple of days. But it won't be long. The Santa Claus parade was on Sunday in Toronto and I swear I saw a little red sleigh racing through the skies in the early morning. A practice run? or a bit late to take his place in the parade? Whichever, the season is soon upon us. And I will glory in the winter, even if I'm snowed in for a few days.

What about you? Will you enjoy the changing seasons or do you prefer the warmer weather near the equator? whatever your preference - I do hope you enjoy it.
And a quick apology for my lack of posting lately. I've been fighting with my computer, and internet access, but also with a very persistent cold which tries my stamina and my patience. That's soon gone, and we'll be back to normal shortly I hope. Thank you all who have emailed or commented - I love hearing from you.

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