Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Did I jinx myself?

A couple of days ago when I finally could get on the internet, I posted some photos of geese basking on a mud flat in a nearby bend in the river.  It was about 15 degrees C that day.

This morning at 7, I looked out my front door to this! -4 and wet blobs of snow.

And it continued to come down, wet and heavy and chilly, but not as cold as the full day of rain yesterday.

I looked out the window as the day grew brighter, still snowing, and the boughs of trees bending low.

Really low.

And then the sun came out around noon and the valley gleamed with a new white blanket covering everything, including the north side of tree trunks and all branches. We'd been without hydro for several hours since seven, and the sunlight on the snow seemed like "Lights - Camera - Action!" Brilliant and shiny.

Later in the afternoon the dogs and I went to our favourite little piece of wood lot where the owner lets us roam at any time of the year. It was like walking into the forest in the Chronicles of Narnia...everything was still covered in snow, the branches of huge trees coated with about three inches of white and the small trees which had been wet when the snow blew through, bending low. It was a lacy fairyland of glitter with black trunks lined on their north sides with white. The sun shone through the branches in many open spots, but the snow was so thick in some places - even 80 feet in the air on twining branches - that it shaded everything below. Blue sky peeped through small openings and all was still.

Except for a lone crow, who hated its rest being disrupted by the sound of big paws and my rubber boots and let me know it loudly, it was quiet, peaceful. The snow that drifted off the trees, crystalline bits floating gently down, landed silently. It was magical. Beautiful and magical.

What a treat!

Here's hoping you get some treats soon too.


  1. I really love your snow photos. The valley scenery and the window shot are my favorites. Beautiful photos.Have a great day.

  2. The sound of big paws and rubber boots, what a lovely and enduring image. No you did not jinx yourself, it's winter and it's here to stay!

  3. Thank you both for stopping by - always love to hear from you... b