Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snowy adventurers

Time continues to flit quickly through December and my internet access has been hindered by the continual back and forth between rain and snow - at least for me, living half way up the side of our "mountain" out in the country.

But every day despite the weather, intrepid little visitors drop by.

These two goldfinches represent what must be close to 75 birds that visit the three sunflower seed feeders and now the two suet feeders.

They perch on snowy branches, or on the dogs water dish also rimmed with ice crystals, ignoring cold feet - (I don't think birds have much feeling in their feet) but gathering steadfastly on trees, bushes, railings and even catching a bath in the pond, to my total delight.

There have been blue jays, white-breasted nuthatches, American tree sparrows and the gang of house sparrows - about 15 or so of them who habituate the mugo pine outside my studio window where I can hear them gossiping despite the sound of rain or sleet. As well, purple, house and goldfinches show up regularly as do the woodpeckers and soft breasted mourning doves... such lovely creatures. And the red-belly woodpecker male made a recent appearance. What a treat to see his brilliant orange head. Hopefully the immature and the female members of that family will show up as well.

Hope you have as much fun watching the birds, or enjoying the snow as I do. Always a good way for me to combat the frustrations of not being able to read my favourite blogs or communicate with clients, friends and family.

Enjoy what's left of this day and evening - and may the approaching holidays bring you much joyous anticipation.

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