Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Two of my four-legged pals as puppies

Bliss on the left and Spirit being held up for a photo-op at their breeder's home. They are eight weeks old here.

There's something about puppies, all soft and floppy, full of licks, tail wags and generally pretty curious and happy go-lucky.

Bliss continues to gnaw on whatever he can find. He is a counter thief if I'm not home and haven't put all the food he loves (butter, bread, specially butter) safely away.

Originally the mother had 11 puppies. When I finally decided I'd been three months without a dog and responded to a little advertisement posted on the door of the local general store, there were only four males left. Bliss is the one being chewed on by his brother - I think the worried looking black pup in the front is Spirit being sniffed by one of their sisters who hadn't been picked up yet. I went off to Newfoundland the day I chose these two, or perhaps they chose me, and came back two weeks later to find mine were the only ones left behind.

Bliss at home giving me a coy look. He's about 12 weeks here.
Perplexed or worried - Spirit is often both.
Sharing a rawhide chewy
Tired puppies sleep soundly.
These two are now five years old and keep me physically and often emotionally in shape. They are great buddies, spend a bit of time with their black brother Oiler, who moved in two doors down the road, and generally are pretty happy fellows. Bliss is the lead when it comes to hunting. On our walks he is always nose to the ground searching for mice, moles, rabbits, frogs, and the scent of his dreaded enemy - the raccoon family. 
This morning there is a raccoon snoozing in the rafters of the drive shed. I figured it would be there this morning because the boys made a huge racket during the night. Bliss has been out trying to discourage it for  some time. The coon's life is at risk if he catches it. 
Spirit is the worrier, and while walking on my property mostly stays close by me, but when in the fields or woods owned by nearby neighbours, he's off like a shot, and these days leads Bliss into trouble. 
They love to swim, continue to play with each other occasionally, specially ring around the pond - where Bliss grabs a toy from the toy basket, shoves it in Spirit's face and then takes off racing around the pond at top speed. They usually chase each other for about 20 minutes like this. Bliss seldom lets the toy drop long enough for Spirit to grab it, but sometimes there is a tug of war, and then it all depends on strategy.
Life is truly fun with these two big labrador retrievers around. They are good protection, setting up a racket if they hear anything suspicious outside, and great companions. Oh and if you're wondering, the mother was a black lab and dad was the blonde!
If you are also owned by a pet or pets, I hope you have as much fun with yours as I do with mine. Enjoy your day!


  1. There is nothing so sweet as a puppy! Priceless, it seems like a long time between puppies of us, but that is a good thing!

  2. Ah puppies - I love them all.... not only mine. But the adults are just as special... glad you like this post Bill... be well...