Monday, August 22, 2011

Nature's weavers

If you look carefully in the centre of this photograph there is a small miracle of Nature's design and architecture. After the heavy rain yesterday, the grass was very wet and I found a number of shining spider webs in the tall pasture. They glimmered in the early morning sun (which soon disappeared) and on this one I nearly caught the tiny yellowish green spider that had made it. Now I know that many people (maybe including you) don't like spiders - or spider webs, so this won't be a long post.

Likely with the dogs, cats, birds and other creatures to say nothing of the wind and rain that came on with a vengeance, the webs didn't last long. But I am always in awe of these tiny weavings, most often perfect and complete first thing in the morning. After reading about spider webs and cobwebs (webs that are no longer used by a spider - who knew?) I decided that if you are interested you will read about them too in Wikipedia or wherever.

It's the intricacy of the design, the ability of such a tiny creature to make such a strong structure - spider silk is incredibly strong - that I admire.

So today I'm going to check and see (since it rained again most of yesterday and last night) if there are more interesting little things to see in the tall grass of my pasture.

Enjoy your day - and perhaps some little thing will intrigue you today as well.


  1. Certainly one of the best adaptations in the natural world. Webs are creations that are full of wonder. I've heard people say that only primates (humans and chimps) use tools to which I always reply "What about a spiders web"? It is intentionally designed and constructed for the purpose of catching food. If that is not a tool I don't know what is!

  2. I learned that some spiders don't spin a big web but just a small bag that they throw on unsuspecting prey! Now THAT's inventive...and definitely a tool! lots to learn in this wonderful world... thanks for stopping by Bill.

  3. Really? Make a web bag and throw it over their prey? Now that's the best nature fact I've read in a very long time! Yes, nature is wonder-full, and mysterious as well.

  4. Tiny miracles, such as the cob web, surround us humans. How sad that our rush-and-hurry world prevents most people from ever noticing them!