Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This is Dilly and her pals the donkeys. I have posted their photo before, but came across this one this morning and thought to post her image again. Dilly like her sister Shazam or Niki as I called her, has past, but was a Krevits Arab. I met Dilly and her two-legged partner, friend and breeder many years ago through Niki. I had just bought the mare and registered her with the Canadian Arab Association. Her breeder, who became a dear friend, had been searching for her because Shazam was the first of many horses that she had bred and somehow she'd lost rack of her.

Shazam's breeder (who quickly became a dear friend) lives on a lovely farm on the Niagara Escarpment hear Hamilton, most of which she rents to a couple who run an equestrian centre. It's ideal for my friend, who not only has all her horses there, several Arabs that she breeds and shows, but also a variety of animals she rescues. I don't know if the donkeys shown here are rescues, or the Llama that was in the stable the day I took this photograph, but I did meet the dogs she rescued and several of the cats, some of whom were barn cats, others house cats. This is a woman with a huge heart, who in her working life was a videographer and gatherer of news and commentary long before it was something women did with any frequency. She is remarkable. And so are her four-legged friends.

Hope you have someone or something remarkable in your life who can make you smile, feel proud, or that you want to emulate. This woman has set me a fine example. Have a super day, maybe you'll even see some donkeys today?


  1. I love donkeys, especially when they warn the world with their loud and long hee haw bray that an intruder is in their midst.

    Beautiful friends Barbara! You are so lucky.

  2. Thanks Bill - yes I am truly blessed in all that surrounds me, the creatures, the human friends and my wee spot of "heaven."

    You too are one of the lucky ones with your marvelous relationship, family and those fabulous bloodhounds, Cooper and Adia... and your wonderful "back yard!" I hope people who read my blog find yours - it's truly wonderful.