Monday, July 4, 2011

A peaceful scene on a peaceful day

My pond this morning and yesterday basks quietly in the early morning sun. Somehow the little church that sat on my late brother's deck for such a long time, seems appropriate here. The world just seems right on this peaceful day with the water spilling into the pond, the water still, the fish swimming about and the birds calling to each other as they nibble seeds.

The finch family - the house finch babies and the one goldfinch are regular visitors, always together, stopping by several times a day. At the moment there are about a dozen house sparrows as well trying to cadge seeds, or flitting down to the pond for a drink or a bath. Wouldn't it be amazing and wonderful I think, if the whole world could pause and enjoy a moment like this at the same time?

Not a breath of wind yet, though that may change, and it seems like a perfect time to hope that my friends and family in Canada had a great holiday weekend and my American friends in the U.S. are have a super time celebrating July 4th today.

Around the world, I hope that the day is peaceful and full of positive things and that before long the world can be at peace everywhere. - a hope that is also a prayer.


  1. Indeed one will feel very peaceful & happy away from the hustle and bustle of Routine city life.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog - you sure have a whole lot of great stuff for dogs - I hope people will visit you too!
    As for city living - I gave that up long ago, and though my work is in the city, I have lived in the country off and on most of my life - it's where I'm happiest.