Sunday, July 3, 2011

The grand opening

This morning I was wondering what to post, having not taken my camera with me yesterday, too hot, too rushed, whatever as my late brother would say.

So I decided to see what was happening in the back yard. I took a number of very peaceful photographs of the pond, water spilling into it, no birds around it though or frogs which surprised me...I did see Eleia down there hunting earlier - she might well have sent the frogs deep into the water to avoid her questing claws.

And then I noticed the lilies. I adore lilies. I'm trying to expand the section of lilies in my garden. I have Asiatics and day lilies, in many colours.

There it was - the photo I was looking for... amidst all the tight buds - one was opening. It will be full open in a few hours I'm sure. I should have a stop time on my camera and a tripod to ensure I catch it all - but such is life. I don't and likely won't. But that first opening? Oh my!

One of life's beautiful moments.

I hope you have a beautiful moment today, one which you can hold in your memory or in a photograph. Something very special - just for today. Happy July everyone!

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  1. Beautiful lilies, Barbara! Nice post. Happy 4th of JULY!