Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Music in a cage

Now I'm not one to cage anything for long, though my dogs used to be crated to keep them safe and give me some peace at night. However this little bird was bred and hatched in captivity. A cage is it's safety.

Apparently it took forever to lure it into an exterior aviary where it could fly around a large airy outdoor room. But it's happier in its wee cage.

And its song! I'd heard that canaries sing  beautifully - but I had no idea how glorious that song is - and endless! I figure this little one is some sort of finch because it's song reminds me of the house and gold finches that visit me to garner their regular allotment of sunflower seeds. Or I suppose it could be a yellow warbler? Whatever species it is, it's not fond of women - when I approached the cage it was not happy to see me, until the lettuce came into play.

Then favourite food took over as it often does in the wild as well.

I carry the memory of that song with me. When I hear it reflected on my walks coming from the throats of wild birds, I smile, thinking that my friends who adopted this particular wee bird, have that glorious song right in the house to cheer them at any time.

Music wherever it comes from has so many great qualities. It can stir, excite, soothe and always is meant to be enjoyed in some way. May music fill your days, not only today but always.

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