Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sitting on my deck

Yesterday I did not a whole lot of anything, but read and enjoy some time off from the garden and other things that have kept me on the go for a bit.

I had been putting out bird seed two days earlier and was buzzed by a familiar hum. The hummers - or rather a hummer - had returned. As I sat on the deck reading, several birds became quite nervy and moved onto railing or feeder to continue with their meal. The hummer - a little male - finally came in close and sipped at a spot on the feeder where there was a drop of sugar water. As soon as I moved to get the camera, of course it left and perched here in the nearby lilac bushes until I was no longer alert and watching for him. I'll figure out a way to get his glorious red throat in a photograph one day this year...And before long there will be many of them. Females will come, there will be great courting flights - those huge arcing swings that males make around a female they are trying to impress. Eventually there will be babies. For the past few years there has been at least one hummingbird nest in the spruce that leans on the drive shed.

Another brave visitor was this female rose breasted gros beak. She's being faithfully courted by two lovely  males, heart-red Vs on their chests gleaming against their snowy white vests. Such a drab little gal to be attracting so much attention, but she does, and has raised her feathers on her head in a crest to show she's not entirely sure I won't try to grab her.

And then there were three - I know I've posted tons of photos of these little golden sprites that bring me so much joy. They're up in the trees singing and cheering me on throughout the day, always so beautiful. But with the glimpse of spring in the background - the woods along the river and then the other side of the valley with the lovely rosy cast to the maples in the river bush and the softest of spring greens on the hardwoods as you look up the hill, pale against the dark evergreens and browns of yet to leaf others - it's hard not to show you how beautiful it is here right now. The apple tree seen through the deck opening is just beginning to leaf out - blossoms in about two weeks I expect... and all in all - my very very favourite time of year!

If you want to read a beautiful bit of poetry/prose about Spring check out Wild Bill's blog at - he is an ecologist who loves to share his part of the world, and does it beautifully.

I hope you are enjoying this long spring with its gently warming days, light breezes and softest of greens dotted with bits of colour from both birds and bulbs that open daily. And to those of you who are suffering through spring floods, my heart goes out to you with prayers for safety through this dreadful time. It doesn't quite seem fair that I have so much to be joyful about and you who are enduring nature at its most tyrranical must suffer. But such is this crazy world.


  1. I've really been enjoying bird songs at the break of dawn this spring. Our hummers are back as well, although food is a bit scarce. Yesterday the pears started blossoming so that will help them.

    Happy Spring!

  2. Back atcha Wild Bill - such a lovely time of year. Enjoyed your blog - spring green - but wasn't able to post a comment... great essay.