Thursday, May 12, 2011

A morning walk

Out for a morning stroll, this is a common sight in many parts of the world.

Lovely photographs from my friend Sue who took these, I think, at a small lake in front of her home.

Canada geese have multiplied to the point that many think they are a nuisance. They certainly can be messy and dirty since they pluck grubs from lawns and eat mown grass... not the long stuff. But there is still something very charming about watching them taking new goslings off the nest and into the water. The male always stands guard - you can see he's got his eye on the camera and doesn't want anyone attacking.

Two days ago as I drove along a country road through a marsh, a male threatened me, hissing and flapping his wings as the female carefully moved off her nest which had been built of grasses a foot from the edge of the road, when the water was nearly reaching it. Now the nest is five feet from water's edge as the river has receded, but Dad threatens every car and truck that drives past. Fortunately the road is pretty rutted and the geese will likely be able to hatch the eggs and move to a safer spot in a bit

Happy spring! And thanks Sue for contributing such great photographs to my morning blog.

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