Monday, April 25, 2011

New life

The gentleman who owns the beautiful Labrador girlz that graced this site for the past couple of days also sent me these photos.

He writes that he was working at his desk in Florida with the window open when he heard a whole lot of noise outside.

He went to see what was making the racket finding this female mocking bird in the middle of what looks like an oleander shrub. He ran and got his camera.

When he returned: This baby mocker was on the ground. Mum was very concerned and kicking up a fuss.

All was well though, as mother (and my friend) watched the little fledgling progress from sitting amidst the mulch to getting its wings together.

New life!  Never quite what we expect, and as kids always giving parents heart attacks, but still - the great circle of life continues. (Guess who just saw The Lion King over the weekend?)

Hope your holiday weekend is/was wonderful, whatever you were celebrating, Easter, Passover, or other important occasions - all great reasons to be grateful for our spring expressions of continuity.

Many thanks to Bob for the photographs. They are terrific.


  1. What a wonderful story to read on this dreary Monday morning! I love that the little one was able to find its way and how adorable is that shot!!!

  2. How cute, babies sure do grow fast. I guess it was OK. Nice post and I love the Lion King movie.