Saturday, April 23, 2011

The "Lab" girlz

These two pretty Labrador retrievers travel back and forth with one of my best friends and her partner. They go to Florida where they spend a good part of the winter enjoying swimming with my friend. Here they lie on the pool deck, posing for a photo for their person to send to me.

These two girls had a fabulous time when they visited Bliss and Spirit. The four dogs ran like Labs, all over the property, sometimes with noses to the ground, sometimes with them in the air to chase the birds. Or each other. It was happy chaos and such fun.

We're looking forward to the return visit of Sarah (on the right) and Chloe very's always fun to get together with long time friends and with new ones too, don't you think?

Hope you're enjoying a weekend full of friendship and fun!


  1. I want their life :D Such beauties!!

  2. They look so happy to be together and with their human. What a good life and what beautiful dogs.