Sunday, April 10, 2011

Morning glory

This morning as I stepped outside the sky was hazy and threatening in the west. To the east I caught sight of these beautiful clouds bursting with soft colour as the sun rose above the hill and peeked through the trees lining the road.

In the foreground are the lilacs that grace the edge of one my my gardens. They are getting read to pop and bring beautiful white clouds of flowers with their delicate scent.

The birds cheered the arrival of the feeders being placed around the property. The dogs followed me on this regular short jaunt, even the cats followed for a bit.

All is right with the world this morning. Hope it is or will be in yours today.

1 comment:

  1. A beautiful spring morning for sure. We still have quite a bit of snow but they say warm rain and warm days this week will melt most of it away. We have some bare patches now, and south facing slopes on adjacent properties are mostly melted off.

    Like you I took a hike with my dogs this AM. Saw some nice coyote tracks and scat and bobcat scat as well. The woods were rife with birds. So nice to spring is arriving!