Monday, April 11, 2011

A visit to the pet store

My pond's water has turned brown and green. So off to the pet store that deals mostly (primarily?) in fish and some other exotics to get the filter and pump cleaned and ready to work. I took my camera - this was going to be a super opportunity to get some unique photographs.

The first one I took is of the little dog that belongs to the owner. The dog's name is...Ripper - and what a darling pup he is.

Then I was invited by one of the staff to see the parrots. Well that was interesting. I love birds and don't necessarily approve of them being kept in cages, but then what do I know, right?

Anyway, I met four beautiful birds.

The white one is Candy... I would ask "Are you a pretty bird Candy?" And she would raise her crest and fluff herself up... as you can see she figured she was very pretty.

Then there is ZaZoo - an African Grey - who wasn't particularly conversational, and JayJay - a large turquoise and yellow beauty. The most fun of all was after I'd taken many photos - of fish, snakes, baby dragon lizards, and guinea pigs.

What was fun was dancing and laughing with the parrots - I went back to look at them again, and asked if they danced, bobbing my head up and down... Jay Jay joined in the fun and bobbed and weaved... when I laughed Candy broke out into a cackle that was pretty close to an imitation of my own - which of course made me laugh harder. All the birds were interested and interesting. I learned how friendly and intelligent they are. And here's the rest of the gang - enjoy your day - I certainly did and will today as well.


Jay Jay

Tropical fish, sea anemones, corals

Guinea pigs

Okay - enough! I will post the photos of the snakes and lizards tomorrow - so those of you who dislike those critters won't have to see or read the blog. I was told I could name the fuzzy black guinea pig - and if I didn't think the dogs would her I'd bring her home - she is so adorable - I'm going to call her Chocolate.

Have a super day... it's like summer outside here today, it won't last long so I'm off to the garden!

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