Thursday, March 10, 2011

On guard

Bliss is on guard.

He and Spirit woke me at 6:15 this morning, Spirit not singing the way he usually does, but quite insistently whining. Okay up I get, the dogs go out and suddenly they're barking.

You know when raccoons show up at the end of winter Spring isn't far behind, in the country they don't come out of hibernation in droves - this pair will huddle up the tree in the rain until nightfall - and predate bird feeders, garbage pails, and anything else they can find to fill empty tummies, unless it's going to get milder pretty soon.

Maybe the predictions of three cooler than usual months ahead are true, but the other ones? Early spring? The birds, the insects (I ran into a huge bunch of flying something or others this morning getting this shot) and the critters all say yup maybe so!

Many people, me included are ready for some spring weather.

Again - transition time - but today it's looking a bit more positive.

Here's to a quickly approaching spring!

1 comment:

  1. I say yahooo to spring, or just no snow for you! I love that first shot, so cute :)