Friday, March 11, 2011

First avian harbinger

It seems really early, but red wing blackbirds have arrived in central Ontario. My friend Lyn who lives a mile north of me told me of seeing one last weekend, and yesterday morning, my friend Sue took this photo of a beleaguered mail grabbing seed on her deck.

Last evening on the final big walk of the day, I heard the redwing song - such a cheerful brrrrrr of sound when it was drizzling down rain, mild but quite miserable as the dogs and I slogged through the slush.

Surely this means that we could well have an early spring? I don't recall these birds being here quite this early.

It's March break for the kids in Ontario, from school, and many people have left for the south, the ones who are here to ski? They'll face some interesting conditions. It's snowing right now, but not supposed to be cold enough to make much snow.

However between the two silly yearling raccoons of yesterday that slept the day away in my tree - I saw their little faces and shiny eyes in the beam from my flashlight as they stared down at me in the dark just before I let the pups out for their last bathroom break of the day - and the chrrr of the redwing, I'm beginning to think cool or not, spring can't be too far away. Sun would be nice don't you think?

And I'm sending positive vibes to all those in Japan and the Pacific basin for safety over the earthquake and tsunami. This is a terrible natural event - one of many that have been taking place in the far eastern world - Australia, New Zealand, now Japan. My heart is with all those people having to deal with such terrible disasters.


  1. Red wing black birds are the first to arrive every year. None here yet, but they usually get here before the snow melts. It's like they're impatient and can't wait to beat the crowd. That may be it! Beating the crowd and getting the best nesting site.

  2. When I think of you out on your walks I imagine you much like Cinderella, roaming around with all of the animals following you and birds landing on your shoulder and kissing your cheek :)

  3. Thank you both for your stopping by - And Bill the way those re wings fight for a spot - hanging onto a tiny tree more like a branch - you're probably right - and Mindy - thank you for your wonderful and kind imaginative image of me. Made me smile. Usually it's impatient birds fluttering overhead, waiting for their seeds, and two dogs racing around - looking for trouble...sometimes one of the cats follows, but not often cause if the dogs spot him - it's play time and they give chase...