Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's time for cats!

Since I wrote yesterday about Christopher I realized that in addition to my own many cats over the years, I have photographs of friends' cats.

This one is Wilson. When I first met Wilson he was a wee baby and while he was friendly, not entirely sure of himself around other people.

Today Wilson is a large friendly tabby who adores people, is very sure of himself, and ranges his neighbourhood as if he is the king of the kitties. He usually makes me feel most welcome and sleeps on my bed when I stay overnight with my friend

Below - the lovely white boy is Cash... another friendly fellow who loves to sit on my lap when I visit my friend, and who accompanies Wilson on his rounds outside occasionally. These two boys are beloved companions of one of my dear friends. My friends partner passed a few years ago, most unexpectedly, and the cats always remind me of him...a loving and kind man who adored these cats. There is another cat - Paco - a true Siamese who is so shy that it's only after several years of visiting that I get to see him, staring at me from a doorway before he silently disappears. And there was another Siamese in this family - Maui, but he, poor boy, was a nervous wreck as some animals are...and he is now in critter heaven, waiting for his buddies I figure.

Cats are fascinating creatures who, unlike dogs, can take or leave humans, depending on their personalities.
Hope it's a great day for you and for any cats you come across.


  1. I am not the biggest fan of cats. I don't dislike them I am just not sure I would have one as a pet. Having said that they are such beautiful animals with such distinct personalities. Wilson looks like he has a hard life LOL!

  2. Hi Mindy - I never would have thought of having cats until many years ago I lived in a farmhouse that was literally overrun with mice! Now I enjoy them... but most people are either cat or dog people - you have your Mum's little dog that is so adorable, I'm not surprised you would prefer them. Thanks for becoming a follower of this blog by the way - a big compliment.