Friday, March 4, 2011

And more cats

This beautiful boy is called Max. He chose his family when they went to a local animal shelter to look for a new four-legged companion for their little girl - Grace - below.

Max is one of those happy, loving docile cats who adores having his tummy rubbed and all things human. He is a "cuddle-bunny" of a cat.

When my friends (his family) brought him home he was a baby and only five pounds. Now he's a big boy! Twenty-six pounds - not a light weight by any stretch of the imagination.

Grace - a shy and a bit skittery semi-long haired beauty chose her family as well, from the same animal shelter, but about eight months before. She too was five pounds when she arrived in her new home.

She talks a lot, despite being shy and absolutely adores cat treats. They're her preferred food.

Gracie and Max play together a lot. They are fast friends. The funny thing about this pair is that Grace is only about eight pounds now, but she's the boss. She most often comes out on top of the wrestling matches.

They're three years old now, no longer little kittens looking for their forever home. And they have happy long lives to look forward to as they enjoy their human family, and their people love them right back - laughing at their antics and cuddling them frequently. Lucky cats. Lucky people too.

Lots of cats and kittens still wait for their forever homes, puppies and dogs as well. If you're looking for a loving animal friend please consider adopting from your local shelter or from the many rescue organizations who try so hard to find homes for them. And please support spay and neuter clinics and have your own pets taken care of. We have too many unwanted animals in this world. Look at the recent story of the puppy that was euthanized but "came back from the dead." True story or not - it points out a very sad situation.

Okay end of my plea. I hope you have a great day today and perhaps think about how you might help some creature or person in need in your part of the world.

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  1. They are both beautiful animals! If I were home enough to have a pet I would definitely adopt one from the animal shelter. It breaks my heart to think about these sweet animals caged up with no family to love them.