Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter flowers for a bit of colour

This double red hibiscus bush was given to me by my Dad more than 20 years ago I think... it shares a large pot with another he gave me - a deep pink double bloomer with a burgundy throat.

While they sit outside for three seasons,  they continue to give me colour all year round and I especially love them in winter. They sit at my deck door where they get a lot of northern light - they are not prolific but constant. Always a flower in bud and about to come out for a day or two.

The other bloomer that starts showing signs of blooms in mid-winter is my older orchid - another gift - I mentioned it on or near Valentine's day. Eleven of it's 46 buds have popped with two more looking like they'll come out today... I'm so blessed to have blooming flowers in the house all winter... makes the cold and the snow outside today easier to bear February/March are probably the toughest months while we wait for all the signs of spring to come to fruition.

This photo of the orchid looks so Asian - with its bending branches and soft fuscia colour. It is so lovely.

And a big thank you to all of you who write comments on this blog or send me emails - I read every one, and though I respond, I'm not sure this Blogger program retains my words of thanks or my responses ... so I thought I would say thank you today. Your kind words are always appreciated. And I love that so many people share my love of nature (Bill), animals (Steve) and birds (Eileen), the outdoors (Scott), colour, and the changing seasons - even though winter snows are often NOT favourites (Mindy).

There are many other people with blogs that I haven't identified but if you want to enjoy some glorious photographs, some thoughtful essays and opinions and time well spent please check out the blogs on my blog list. You'll find people who are creative, talented and full of joy in our world.

Thanks too, to Jane my friend who pointed out that the English sparrow I identified the other day was really the House Sparrow - I got caught I guess in the term "Old World Sparrows." Jane is a spectacular gardener. One day perhaps she'll let me share a photo or two of her favourite plants.

Wishing you colour in your day!


  1. Thank you for the shout out sweetie! We enjoy reading just as much as you enjoy our comments!

    That beautiful flower blooms all year round? I would love that! That is one of the things I hate most about winter, everything looks so dead. That pop of color would be a much welcomed relief from the gray of winter.

    OH and I LOVE orchids, I think they are such a gorgeous flower :)

  2. Hey Mindy - the bush blooms all year round, not one flower... the flowers only last a couple of days... but if you manage them right they just keep on coming... and yup I love orchids too - a lot.