Sunday, January 9, 2011

Memory lane - more old friends

Lately I've been reviewing and reorganizing some old photographs and I came across this one of three old friends. Yesterday I posted an image of a colt getting to know a black lab pup. Well here is the mother Molly in the back ground with that pup and her friend Muffet wearing a big smile.

Molly came to me one day out of the blue. She stayed for a while then disappeared, then came back. Eventually I found out that she really was part of a family that lived on the other side of town which is where she went when she disappeared. That family finally decided to give her to me (along with a vet bill I had to pay but that's another story.) Funny that after that happened, Molly never disappeared again.

She did, however, eventually go walkabout with a large black lab and a Chesapeake Bay retriever... and three months later brought forth nine little pups (I believe I've told part of this story before). Anyway, the lab in the foreground is the pup that we kept... my youngest son named him LSD - Little S*** Disturber. He was well named - he chewed everything he could find including shoes and underwear. He lived dangerously sometimes. We eventually ended up calling him Ook - another story...

In the middle is Muffet. She was one of two puppies that we got as a family a few years before Molly came to me. Muffie was the sweetest little dog - you can see by her smile in this picture that she's eagerly awaiting something. She was also a wonderful caring "auntie" to all the puppies, helping Molly take care of them and playing with them until they went to their new homes.

All three of these dogs were my canine companions through a tumultuous time in my life, moving from the country to the city and then out to the country again among other things, never complaining about being locked up all day when I went to work or the fact that they couldn't roam the apple orchards as they had when living in the country.

Dogs are special creatures aren't they?  No matter what their size, breed or mixture. They are loyal loving friends wanting only to be with you and part of whatever you're doing. I consider myself very blessed that the ones that have touched my life have been so very special... these three pals from the past are no exception.


  1. Lovely memories! Great photo! I think of my old dogs all the time and I still miss them. We had gone thru a lot of chewing when our labs were young.

  2. What beautiful animals and what great memories! Dogs really are like your children and even your best friends. They are amazing creatures!

  3. Thank you both for your comments - love hearing your stories and feelings too!