Friday, December 17, 2010

Doggy play day

Bliss (the blonde one) and Spirit love to go out first thing in the morning (after breakfast of course,) and play. 
Bliss usually grabs a stuffed toy or a rope or something from the bucket of toys by the door when he exits, and shoves it into Spirit's face or Spirit tries to grab it as soon as they are out the door.
Bliss so far is the winner! You can see the remains of a stuffed toy swinging from his jaws.
Spirit tries diversionary tactics and makes off around the rose bush garden near the front of the house.
And the game begins all over again, but this time it looks like Spirit's tactics worked and he's the holder of the toy!
Great to have so much fun so early in the morning and it always makes me laugh at how silly they are!
Hope you have a laugh today!


  1. Your animals just have too much darn fun :) LOVE the photos!

  2. thanks Mindy - they do have fun and they make me laugh while they have it... one way to survive winter. :)
    Today at least it's a bit warmer. Have a great weekend!